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Are you in a bind with your plastic card needs? Do you find yourself scratching your head over printer issues? Fret not! Plastic Card ID is here to provide comprehensive support for any queries you might have. From personalized customer care to our deep well of resources, satisfaction isn't just an expectation; it's our promise. With PCID , you're not just getting products; you're gaining a partner in all things plastic card and printer-related.

Imagine never having to feel the frustration of going it alone when dealing with the intricate world of plastic cards and printers. That's the peace of mind Plastic Card ID brings to the table. Our team of experts is always on standby, ready and waiting to assist you with any and all concerns. Whether it's a new order or just a burning question, our priority is putting your mind at ease.

And when we say we cater to everyone nationally, we mean it. No corner of the country is beyond our reach. The convenience of our service is matched only by the ease with which you can get in touch. A quick call to 800.835.7919 , and you'll be connected with our friendly support team ensuring your plastic card journey is smooth sailing from start to finish.

Curious about getting started with plastic cards? Here's the lowdown. Plastic cards come in various types, each with their own uses and benefits. Whether you're a business owner looking to upscale customer loyalty programs or an organization in need of secure ID badges, understanding the basics is key to making informed decisions.

Types of cards range from simple business cards jazzed up to look sleek and professional in plastic form, to more complex smart cards embedded with technology for added security and functionality. Our expertise in this arena means you can trust us to point you toward the perfect card solution for your needs.

One thing's for sure: quality matters. That's why we ensure that every single card that ships out is up to our high standards. Plus, with our support, you'll never feel overwhelmed by the choices on offer. We take the guesswork out of the equation, leaving you to reap the rewards of your investment.

Now let's talk card printers. These marvels of technology are not your everyday office printer; they are specialized machines designed specifically for printing high-quality plastic cards. With state-of-the-art features and functionalities, there's a printer for every requirement and budget.

We understand that treading the waters of choosing the right card printer can be daunting. But with our guidance, it's a breeze. We'll walk you through the differences between direct-to-card printers versus retransfer printers, explaining the pros and cons, so you're geared up with knowledge when making your selection.

What's your use case? High-volume printing or just sporadic batches? Regardless of your scenario, we have the ideal printer for you, and our team doesn't rest until you are confident in using your new equipment effectively. After-sales support? Absolutely we're here for the long haul.

Running low on printer ribbons or need some more cleaning kits for your card printer? Say no more. Reordering supplies with us is as smooth as a new card sliding out of the printer maybe even smoother!

Never get caught out with an empty ribbon mid-print job again. Our catalog of refills and supplies is extensive, ensuring you'll find exactly what you need, when you need it. Staying stocked up is paramount for ongoing operations, and we make it worry-free.

And don't think you'll have to wait around. Fast, reliable shipping means you'll practically blink and your supplies will be at your doorstep. Need to place an order or have some questions? Just give us a ring at 800.835.7919 , and we'll handle the rest. It's all part of our commitment to your uninterrupted success.

Dive into the world of plastic cards with Plastic Card ID , and you'll find there's more than meets the eye. From the design process to the plethora of functionalities, these cards can transform how you conduct business or manage your organization. Let's explore how you can maximize their potential.First impressions count, and nothing says polished like a custom-designed plastic card. Whether you're dishing out gift cards, membership cards, or business cards, the design can make or break the user experience.

Our team of designers is keen to work with you to create a card that not only meets but exceeds expectations. It's not just about a fancy logo or a sleek finish-it's about encapsulating your brand's ethos into a pocket-sized ambassador.

Not the artsy type? No worries. We can give you a hand in crafting a design that resonates with your clientele and stands out in a crowded wallet. It's simple: a better design leads to better engagement. And that's exactly what we aim for.

These aren't your grandfather's business cards. We're talking chips, magnetic stripes, and RFID technology-features that add functionality beyond the traditional. If you're looking to streamline processes or beef up security, these tech-heavy hitters offer a world of possibilities.

Magnetic stripes are ideal for loyalty or access cards, providing a tried-and-true method of storing data. Chip cards take security up a notch, making them perfect for financial or personal identification cards. And RFID? That's the touch-free convenience that modern users are increasingly looking for.

Understanding the nuances of each technology can be tricky, but you don't have to go it alone. Lean on our experience to guide you through the options, ensuring your plastic card is not just impressive in looks, but also rich in capabilities.

Having a swanky plastic card is one thing; knowing how to utilize it effectively is another. It's an investment that should pay dividends, so maximizing its utility is crucial. Whether streamlining customer transactions or keeping a tight ship with security, the right card can be a game-changer.

Leveraging plastic cards for rewards programs or cashless payments isn't just trendy; it's smart business. And when it comes to security, access cards offer an elegant solution for controlled entry to facilities. We help you pinpoint the best uses for your cards, ensuring ROI isn't just jargon-it's a tangible outcome.

But utility isn't solely about the cards themselves-it's also about the systems they integrate with. To get the most out of your investment, we can assist in aligning your cards with your current infrastructure or help you upgrade to something more robust. It's partnership at its finest.


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When it comes to plastic cards, the name of the game is quality and durability. After all, these cards are meant to be used, swiped, tapped, and admired over and over again. PCID is committed to ensuring that our customers get the best-a card that stands the test of time (and pockets).To say we're obsessed with quality might be an understatement. Our cards go through a rigorous quality control process that would make even the most particular critic nod with approval. Each card is a reflection of our dedication to excellence-because if it's not good enough for us, it's definitely not good enough for you.

We scrutinize every detail, from the plastic's thickness and the print's crispness to the embedded technology's functionality. It's a full spectrum of checks and balances, ensuring that what you get isn't just satisfactory-it's outstanding.

The end result? A plastic card that not only looks and feels premium but also functions flawlessly every time it's used. It's the kind of quality that gets noticed, and in today's competitive landscape, standing out for the right reasons is key.

We're not just here to make a quick buck; we're here to build lasting relationships. And that starts with building cards right. Selecting the finest materials is at the heart of fabricating cards that can endure daily wear and tear without looking like they've been through a battle.

The PVC we source is top grade, striking the perfect balance between flexibility and strength. We choose materials that can withstand the elements-be it the sun's glare or a laundry cycle mishap (Hey, it happens to the best of us!).

By focusing on the fundamentals, we craft plastic cards that last longer, look better, and save you the trouble of frequent replacements. Think of it as sustainability through quality-an approach we believe is the only way to do business.

It's not enough to talk a good game; you've got to prove it. That's where our durability testing comes into play. Before any card leaves our facility, it's undergone testing that would make lesser cards crumble. It's our way of applying a seal of toughness to each product we offer.

Through a series of real-world simulations, we push our cards to the limits, ensuring they can handle whatever life throws their way. It's this commitment to durability that sets our plastic cards apart from the pack, providing the reliability that you and your customers deserve.

In the rare event that you do face a hiccup, remember, we're just a phone call away. With support like ours, coupled with our products" innate resilience, you won't just overcome challenges-you'll crush them.

Good maintenance isn't just about fixing things when they break; it's about taking proactive steps to ensure longevity and consistent performance. That's why Plastic Card ID doesn't just sell you a product and wave goodbye. We educate on care and maintenance to keep your plastic cards in top condition.To keep your plastic cards shiny and functional, there's a bit of care involved. But don't stress-we've got the best tips to make it easy. From the way you handle and store them to cleaning practices, we've got pointers that will extend your cards" lifespan considerably.

Always handle cards by the edges to avoid fingerprints on magnetic strips or chips. Store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to prevent warping or fading. And when it comes to cleaning, a soft cloth and mild soap are usually all you need to keep them looking pristine.

These simple habits can mean the difference between a card that lasts a few weeks and one that goes the distance. Our support team can offer even more tailored advice based on your specific usage and environment.

Likewise, your card printer is an investment worth looking after. Routine maintenance can avert the headaches of sudden breakdowns and ensure a consistently high-quality print output. We understand the mechanics of these machines and are ready to share our wisdom.

Basic printer maintenance includes regular cleaning, proper storage, and timely replacement of consumables like ribbons and cleaning kits. These steps are pivotal in preventing misprints and ensuring your printer remains a reliable workhorse for your card printing needs.

Need more in-depth support? Just dial 800.835.7919 and we'll be there to assist. Whether it's a step-by-step walkthrough or troubleshooting a tricky issue, our printer experts have got your back.

Everything has a lifespan, including plastic cards and printers. Knowing when to update can save you time, money, and stress. Trends change, technology evolves, and staying on top of these can be the key to maintaining a competitive edge.

We can help identify signs that it's time for an update-whether it's the wear and tear on cards indicating a need for a new batch or advancements in printer technology that could boost efficiency.

We're not just selling cards and printers; we're selling progress. And with progress comes the need to stay relevant and functional. Trust our team to guide you through the when, why, and how of updating your plastic card essentials.

At the heart of Plastic Card ID is a passion for empowering our customers with the very best. From speedy delivery to after-sales service, we are committed to ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of stellar. We're not just providers; we're partners in your plastic card journey.Your peace of mind is our top priority. We promise to deliver not just products, but a customer service experience that is attentive, informative, and genuinely invested in your satisfaction. Our team is not just knowledgeable-they're friendly and eager to help, too.

From the minute you reach out with an inquiry to long after you've received your product, we're here for you. Facing an issue? Have a question? We're a quick call to 800.835.7919 away from providing the solutions you need. Because when you thrive, so do we.

It's this ethic of care that defines our approach to customer service. PCID doesn't just meet expectations; we aim to exceed them-because your success is our end goal.

Time is of the essence, especially in business. That's why we've honed our response times to be as quick as possible. Urgent questions don't get put on the backburner; they're treated with the swiftness and seriousness they deserve.

Whether it's a last-minute order, a technical hiccup, or you just need some quick advice, our team is on its toes, ready to provide rapid support. It's about being reactive without compromising on quality or thoroughness.

Dial up 800.835.7919 and watch our rapid response in action. We're not just fast; we're efficient-because your time matters, and we respect it.

We thrive on feedback. Positive comments buoy our spirits, and constructive criticism fuels us to improve. Hearing from you helps us stay in tune with what matters most to our customers. Your voice doesn't get lost in the crowd; it's amplified and acted upon.

Got something to say about our products, our service, or even this conversation? We're all ears. Your insights are invaluable, helping us steer Plastic Card ID towards an even brighter future, one that continues to serve your needs.

So don't hold back-reach out to us, share your experiences, and help us serve you better. Together, we can ensure that the world of plastic cards and printers remains as customer-focused as it should be.

Now that you've got the download on what Plastic Card ID can do for you, why wait? Whether you're eyeing a fresh batch of plastic cards or considering a snazzy new printer, we're here to turn those contemplations into reality. PCID is more than just a provider-we're a steadfast ally in your pursuit of excellence.

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